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Automation Assessment 

Are You Running a Legacy (Obsolete) PLC?

In the fast-paced world of industrial automation, the reliability and efficiency of your PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) can make or break your operations. If you're running a legacy PLC, you might be facing challenges that could impact your productivity and increase downtime. Here’s how to identify and address these issues effectively.

Can You Use Your PLC as a Troubleshooting Tool?

A modern PLC should allow for easy troubleshooting of I/O (Input/Output) and seamless programming changes. If you’re struggling to connect to your PLC or rely heavily on third-party support, it’s time to reassess your system’s capabilities. Having direct access to your PLC for troubleshooting can save valuable time and resources.

Do You Have a Backup of Your Program?

One of the critical aspects of PLC management is ensuring that you have a current backup of your program. Without it, a PLC failure could lead to hours, days, or even weeks of trying to restore an undocumented system. A well-documented and backed-up system is crucial for quick recovery and minimal downtime.

Are You Prepared for a PLC Failure?

Being prepared means having a thorough understanding of all the equipment your PLC communicates with, such as VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives), HMIs (Human-Machine Interfaces), Servo Drives, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Systems, and Safety Systems. Knowing your system’s architecture and having control panel drawings readily available can significantly reduce recovery time.

Do You Have Spare Parts and Is Your PLC Battery in Need of Replacement?

Regular maintenance checks, including battery replacement and ensuring you have spare parts, are vital. An unexpected PLC failure without these preparations can lead to significant operational disruptions.

How We Can Help

At Lite Works, we specialize in assessing and upgrading your PLC systems to ensure they are up-to-date and fully functional. Our comprehensive assessment includes:

  • Vulnerability Assessment: We evaluate each of your PLCs to determine vulnerabilities.

  • Program Backup: We ensure that your current program is backed up and secure.

  • System Documentation: We evaluate the system annotation and drawings, providing a clear understanding of your system’s architecture and communication with other devices.

  • Extended Assessment: This includes VFDs, HMIs, SCADA, Servo Drives, and Safety Systems.

Addressing Vulnerabilities

Post-assessment, we can help you address identified vulnerabilities to minimize potential downtime. We position your control system so that any qualified technician, not just our specialists, can support you with the necessary information and tools.

Our Expertise and Capabilities

We are not limited by technology or manufacturer. Lite Works has the software and equipment required to communicate with your automation equipment, whether it be legacy or state-of-the-art. Our team boasts a combined 100+ years of industrial experience across various sectors including:

  • Pulp & Paper

  • Sawmills

  • Manufacturing

  • Aggregate

  • Marine

  • Food & Beverage

  • Robotics


  • VFDs & Servos

  • Hydraulics

  • Instrumentation

  • Power Distribution

  • Safety Systems

Our Niche: "If it has a wire, we do it!"

Whether you need spare parts, troubleshooting services, upgrades, or the design of an entire control system, our Automation Specialists are equipped to meet your needs. With our in-house Panel Shop, Electrical Services, Lighting, Security, Audio, and IT business partners, we can fulfill all of your electrical needs.

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